SkunkApe Sightings Reported in 10 States and Counting

Skunk Apes have been seen all over the southeast but hotspots continue to be in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Northern Georgia.  There seems to be a clear migration pattern from Florida to cooler climates with more plentiful food sources.  

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Previously Reported Sightings

The first documented sighting of the Skunk Ape within the Smoky Mountain National Park boundries.  This sighting was reported to have been photographed near Bote Mountain Trail on November 3, 2020.  Guess we should have expected 2020 to yield one more unbelievable event. Stay tuned for more information as it is available.  

"My wife and I were backpacking in an undisclosed location when I wife states she suddenly was overwhelmed with a terrible stench. She looked around but saw nothing. The odor only lasted a few moments but it was bad enough that she couldn’t stop talking about it. A few days later she was looking at her pics and was deleting accidental shots etc, when she ran across this pic that was accidentally caught on her camera at exactly when she noticed the smell. We would like Dr. Phossil Phil to evaluate the photo for an opinion."
The GPS coordinates were provided to and Dr. Phossil Phil is now researching this mysterious sighting (or partial sighting)
This photo was sent to us in late 2019 which is the most recent photographed sighting we have received.  The email came from “Willie” in northeastern Tennessee in the Tri-Cities area.  Willie reported “Holy Crap this thing stinks” and “he was as scared of me as I was of him”.  
We are vigorously investigating this and believe it to be authentic.

Dear SkunkApe Trackers, I was recently camping with a few family members to go off the grid.  Just trying to stay away from COVID-19.  We are enjoying our campfire when the strong smell of what I thought was a skunk overcame us.  We've had skunks in these parts so I didn't think much about it until I heard rustling in the trees behind me.  As I turned around and didn't see anything but I took my phone out and took a picture.  Didn't really notice anything until the next morning when I noticed the image you can see between the trees.  I can't say what it was except that it was at the same time as the strong smell of a skunk and the object seems to be very large.  Could this be a SkunkApe?  I'm beginning to believe it was. 

I'm a believer now.

Dustin in Southwest Virginia near Norton 

In 2016, this picture and reported sighting was submitted to The report came from Virginia.  We investigated this in great depth and found it to be substantial.  However, there have been reported sightings of the “Wood Bugger” in the same area.  We have concluded the SkunkApe and Wood Booger, while related, are not the same creature with the smell being one of the differentiating features of the SkunkApe. 


YES, we get email! 

"I guess you might have called me a non-believer until last year.  We had several kittens missing near our farm and one eve just after sunset I saw him. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera but I began to research skunk apes and found a picture on this site that proved it for me"

Campbell County, TN  2007

"We have been interested in Skunk Apes since we heard of a sighting in the eastern part of Tennessee a few years ago.  We recently took a wonderful vacation to China and were visiting the Great Wall.  My wife summon me to see a  strange thing.....I was amazed to see that the word about Skunk Apes had made it half way around the world!  It is true that the world is a small place if you can go this far away from home and see a person wearing a Skunk Ape tee-shirt (see attached).  When we got home, we immediately ordered our matching shirts and stickers for our cars.  I've never seen a Skunk Ape but the more I live, the more I believe in the unbelievable." 

Al and Sandy, 2009